Who are we? 

Rucker Farm is a multi-generational family farm. Our mission is dedicated to protecting land for future generations and the future of farming. We believe in regenerative agriculture, holistic healing, and greater connections to nature.  We believe in efforts towards becoming more self-sustainable, only consuming real food and closing the circuit between farmer and consumer. 

Rucker Farm is located in Flint Hill, VA, and is the sister farm to Ben Venue Farm, Washington Va (4 miles away).  Isabelle and Garrett live on Rucker Farm with their 2-year-old son Toren. This is the childhood home of Isabelle. Her parents Heidi and Lindsay Eastham live at Ben Venue. The farm has been a creative space primarily for pasture raised Angus beef cattle, though has gone through chapters of being a goat dairy, asparagus farm, Jersey cow raw-milk share program. We have an established garden where we practice many bio-dynamic principles. We are pioneering Rucker pastured poultry and hog operations as well as inoculating mushroom totems.



Who are we looking for:

You must be 18 years or older with a positive attitude and an eager work ethic.

We are looking for a person who is honest, open-minded, professional, 

open to receiving constructive criticism with desires to do the task at hand

to their best ability. No farming experience is required.


Why do we want an intern? 

We are looking for individual(s) excited to learn and those who are searching to find a greater connection to their food and sense of place. We are passionate about building community around food, farming, and family and ultimately sharing and extending the family farm experience. 

We see an apprenticeship/internship as an opportunity to bring in fresh ideas and new energy into our space. It is clear that for us to continue our momentum and maintain our quality and care,  we need more hands-on deck. 


How do we market? What makes us unique?

What makes us unique is our openness to adapt and diversify our farm.

We want this to be a meaningful experience for all who visit Rucker Farm.

are open to creating the job description as long as both parties feel it to be a

beneficial experience


What's to be expected - 

You’ll see it all. Exposure to all of the animals and the care they receive, our marketing, business practices and record-keeping, and most importantly our network. Our network of tri-state farmers is vast which is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the world of Agriculture. To be able to experience firsthand different practices (new and old) is the only way to define what your passion for farming will look like. 

We are ultimately flexible when it comes to the overall structure of an internship. We have many living options including tent camping, RV/Camper Parking, and even a spare bedroom/bathroom in the farmhouse. You can come alone or with a partner. This could work out in a lot of different ways, being daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal. 


What we can we offer?

We want this experience to be for you as much as it is for us. We believe in regenerative farming as a life style and wish to educate ourselves as well as our community in every way. The skills practice on a daily basis with have you confident in critical thinking experiencing all of the unforeseen events that come with being on a farm


Instructions on how to apply: Contact us in any way you prefer so we can set up a phone call or a video chat session. / 443-286-4399