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Ben Venue Beef

Our beef is grass fed - grain finished*. Born and raised in Rappahannock County, known genetics! We are working with our sister farm Ben Venue (located in Washington, VA) to select our most promising calves to finish. We offer bulk purchasing options, click here for more information!  

*Grass-Fed, Grain Finished: Our steers are born and raised on both Ben Venue and Rucker Farm and individually selected to be finished for our market. ALL cattle are rotated on fresh grass their whole lives, it is only in the last three months do we add locally sourced grain to the steers diet to reach a desired weight and product. Within the next few years, Rucker Farm will be transitioning to 100% grass-fed beef in continuing our mission in practicing regenerative agriculture. 

It’s easy to fall into a rut with cooking and sourcing ingredients, always reaching for the cheapest cuts and same old ingredients. Now that our freezer is stocked with our quarter beef share, I’m cooking cuts of beef I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards and exploring new recipes. The bulk buying option has made special occasion cuts more affordable and easily accessible for my family, giving me confidence to try new things. We’re all happier because of it!

Laura B.

"We purchased a 1/4 of beef from Rucker Farm and couldn't be more pleased! The beef is delicious! Knowing that Garrett and Isabelle adopt regenerative farming, also led us to want to support them. They are genuine and informative! It's a win-win to us -- we get  to support what they're doing & recieve meat we are excited to eat!"

Naomi H. 

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