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Bulk Pork

As a family we get so much value and peace of mind when we have a whole hog in bulk to stock our freezer.  Whether it's something you plan to use it in just a couple of months or over a year, you can have easy, healthy meals at your fingertips.


There are many decisions to make when purchasing a whole hog so we hope that this page will help explain some of the finer details when purchasing in bulk. We want to give you an accurate idea of what to expect from start to finish. Our goal is for you to be informed and to understand the process.

Get your friends and family together and split a whole Hog share for the most cost savings. Unique gift idea!

What are my options and make deposit here:

Oct. 1st Pick Up Pick up 2023

For more details and further inquiries, please email! 

Half Hog Share: Yields around 90lbs of Pork

Could look like:

(30) Breakfast Sausage

(10) Ground Pork

(7) Pork Chops (2-pack)

(2) Ham Steaks

(2) Pork Belly

(1) Spare Ribs

Organs and Pork Fat

$6.35/lb (Est. HW of 100 lbs). Cost Est. $635 for about 90 lbs. of pork once packaged.

(Weights and yields are estimated and actuals may vary)

*Cost of processing included*


How it works:


Live Weight - Live animal standing on a scale.

Hanging Weight (HW) - Weight from butcher after harvest but prior to breakdown. 

Take Home Weight (TW) - Final weight of actual meat that is packaged for your freezer.


Each animal is unique and will differ in size. Everything below is based on the average and will not be exact to what you will receive.


Your meat will come in clear vacuum sealed packages that will last for years in your freezer without an issue. 

Pick Up/Delivery - Both are an option. 

These are the steps that are taken from start to finish on your whole hog:


  1. RESERVE YOUR WHOLE HOG.  Visit our website to make a deposit.

  2. CHOOSING HOW YOUR HOG WILL BE CUT. This comes after your deposit has been made and prior to the processing stage. You have 3 options here.  You can choose the “All Boneless Cuts” option, our “All Bone In Cuts” option, or, if you’re an experienced custom animal purchaser with a lot of specific preferences, you can choose the “Fill Out a Custom Cut Form” option.  For first time purchasers, we recommend choosing one of the first two options.  See our Q&A for more info.

  3. Once you have selected which option is right for you, you will submit your order and an automatically generated receipt will be sent.

    1. FILLING OUT CUSTOM CUT FORM.  If you choose to fill out a custom cut form for your whole hog, we will send you an email to get this done.  There will be many simple options for what roasts you want to keep and which ones you want to grind into sausage, whether you want to have bone-in or boneless chops, etc.  

  4. PICK UP DATE/DELIVERY.  We will confirm the pick up date generally one week prior. We always do our best to communicate in a timely manner.

    1. ON-FARM: You are expected to pick up your order on pick-up day.  If you are unavailable on that particular day, we will make an appointment for the next earliest day that works for both of us.

    2. HOME DELIVERY: Cost will be $85.

  5. PACKAGING and DELIVERY.  Your meat will come frozen in clear vacuum sealed packages. Please come prepared with coolers or boxes for transporting when picking up at the farm. If you choose the delivery option, be ready to fill the freezer!

  6. FINAL TOTAL.  We will have your final invoice total emailed to you a couple of days prior to pick-up/delivery. We ask that payment happens prior to or upon pick up/delivery There will be a 3.5% credit card charge included for those paying by credit card.

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