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Questions and Answers on Bulk Pork

Q.Do you need to invest in a freezer?

 A. As a general guide, 50 pounds of meat will fit in about 2.25 cu.ft. of cooler/freezer space. The empty freezer compartment of a new, average-size, home refrigerator is about 4.8 cu.ft. A half hog share should fit in your kitchen freezer with a small amount of space to spare. 

Q. Bone-In or Boneless?

A. There is a big difference in your take home weight depending on if you select bone-in cuts vs. boneless cuts.


Bone-In Cuts Option:  As you will see in the example below, choosing bone-in cuts and bones (bone broth anyone?) gives you a better average price per pound.  If you were to purchase all of the cuts individually, you would spend at least 10% more money plus your time for each purchase and trip to the farm.  In the end, you receive savings.


Boneless Cuts Only Option: Should you still purchase a whole hog if you only want boneless cuts and no bones?  This is only something you can answer - the savings will be minimal compared to by-the-piece purchasing. The all-boneless option works well for nose to tail eaters, those who want a single-animal source, and those looking to stock up the freezer.  We feel that the peace of mind from knowing you have a freezer full of meat that you can rely on might very well be worth every penny!


Q. Can I choose how I would like the meat cut? 

A. Half or a whole hog orders are fully customized to your specifications. See our bundles if you don't have enough freezer space. 

Q. How long will my meat last in the freezer?

A., recommends eating frozen pork within four to 12 months. However, those are guidelines for best quality. There is no safety issue with eating meat that has been in the freezer longer. In our personal experience, as long as it is kept frozen and securely wrapped, pork should be good to the upper end of those recommendations, or beyond.

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