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Farm and Market Update!

Hopping on here real quick!

We want to be sure we are getting our word out on local markets and farm updates!

This Saturday, 12/11, we will be at the Warrenton Farmers market from 9 am - 12 am selling winterberry bouquets and poultry. Sunday, 12/12, we will be in the Plains at Archwood Green Barns from 10 am- 2pm, selling just winterberry!

Typically, we would be having our 2nd Sunday Farm Meetup on the 12th, though we will not be hosting any tours or discussions this time month. Please still come out during our farm store hours from 10am- 2pm, we are happy to give an "informal tour" and show you what's new! We are pausing our "meetups" until Spring 2022 due to colder temperatures, though we are excited to share we will be hosting scheduled "Winter Walks" on the back property in the New Year so stay tuned!

Lastly, we have posted a Rucker Apprenticeship here on this link:

We have a lot of exciting things in the works for the New Year, though Garrett and I are humbly becoming aware we may need an extra few pairs of hands! Please share with friends and loved ones and email or call us with any questions!

More news to come! Love to you all!


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