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First Harvest!

Hello Rucker Farm Family!

I’ll try to keep this one brief, there’s a lot to do! Our first chicken harvest is this week! May Chicken Subscriptions will be ready for farm pick as early as Friday or for market delivery. We will be at Warrenton on the 22nd and Rappahannock on the 29th. General pre-order is now open, please click here to view our online store! Chicken orders will be limited to whole birds for this Saturday, chicken parts will be available going forward.

This year we will be doing our processing during the workweek to better attend our markets with fresh chicken! We understand this will affect our volunteer processing attendance, though we still extend an invitation to those able and interested in participating. Plan for this Thursday and Friday, simply email us and let us know you’d like to join in! Additionally, this is an area where Garrett and I are looking to fill a hired position. Please share the word and reach out if you would like more information!

As a reminder, we have beef and pork shares available for the Fall, be sure to visit our website to secure your spot! Several merchandise items are also back in stock, get it while you can!

Ok! I think that’s it for now! Back to the barn!

Very much looking forward to seeing you all a little more regularly! We've missed you!


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