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Happy 4th!

Greetings from Rucker Farm!

We are enjoying the nice long holiday weekend visiting with friends and family while we eat some amazing and loved homegrown food! Nothing quite compares to the feeling of being able to look down at a plate and know where each ingredient came from and how it was nourished. That certainly feels like independence to me!

Here are some updates for you:

In addition to our first round of pasture raised poultry ready for purchase here at the farm, we have started selling whole birds at Settles Gas and Grocery in Flint Hill. For some, this may be a more convenient option for purchasing birds outside of our time window. We are still scheduling drop-off locations to neighboring towns, just please inform us of your interest.

Our second round of Cornish-Cross chicks are in our brooder chirping away. After completing our first round and seeing how quick 8 weeks comes and goes, we are excited to fine tune our operation and improve on what we have learned. Special thanks to Margy and Will Thomas and Matthew Eastham for making the trek to help with the chicken processing weekend! Also, a big thank you to Oma (Heidi) and Pop Pop (Lindsay) for taking on Toren's first ever "grandparent overnight sleep over", you made our 4am alarm clock possible!

We are really looking forward to our 2nd Co-Op Meetup on July 11th! We will be doing a Fermentation Demo for you at 10:00! Join us and learn how to boost the nutritional value of your vegetables while creating one of the most healthy...and delicious probiotics anyone can make in the comfort of their kitchen! An optional farm tour will begin right at 9:15am and there will be produce and meat available for purchase. Please remember to bring a cooler.

Lastly, our beloved stained-glass window is repaired!

We hope you enjoy the weekend with good food and company! As always, thank you for reading along. We are excited to see you next week!


Isabelle and Garrett Heydt


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