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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to so many wonderful women who have found their way to Rucker Farm. I feel immense gratitude to be walking this journey of motherhood alongside so many of you. It has been inspiring and important to see your commitment to providing your family with real food and deep nourishment.

Here on the farm, I am fortunate enough to garden with two mothers named Laura and Brittney. Among the three of us, our children span from 7-months to 7-years-old. There are few things I look

forward to more than these children growing up together and the memories they will have on Rucker Farm. I will often talk about how primal it feels to be squatting barefoot in the garden with a friend and weeding-- with the children laughing and rolling down the compost pile. Time simply disappears.

Oddly enough, this happens while harvesting chicken as well. It's one of those tasks that with company can make for an actual enjoyable experience. This makes me think of our dear friend Naomi. Naomi spent her Mothers Day last year choosing to bring her husband and two daughters to the farm on a processing day. Now, here we are a year later, and she has helped us on almost every harvest, her daughters know how to organize the freezers, label, and record inventory.

We can't thank our own mothers enough, Heidi and Sheryl. With our growing family, we have needed all hands on deck. There is nothing quite like the peace of mind knowing our children are with their Oma or Nana on those extra long days.

We want to start sharing recipes that our friends have been sending us! One of the best things about farmers markets is when our customers explain how they have cooked with our meat! To be honest, I need this extra push to be creative in the kitchen. Our friend Kelsey, a farmer down the road, shared recently that when all your energy goes into raising the animal, sometimes by the time it's ready to be cooked for dinner, it can kinda feel like a pain. There's this immense pressure to cook an incredible dish, which is a little unrealistic with a farmers schedule. Here is one sent to us by our friends Linsey and Won: Instant Pot Beef Souple with Vegetables, Enjoy!

If you have any recipes that have been crowd pleasers, please send them our way, we'd be excited to share!

Find us next week at Marshall Market on Friday (5/19) 4pm-7pm and Warrenton Market (5/20) 8am-12pm. Market pre-orders and farm pickups are open and scheduled through our online store!

Above, is another short video done by our friend Levi Taylor Magyar! Chicken processing never looked so good! Thanks so much Levi!


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