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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful mamas and grandmamas! It has been another sweet day spent with Garrett and Toren with many jaunts up and down the hill to check on baby chicks and pick asparagus for asparagus soup!

This spring, Toren and I have enjoyed several evenings sitting under the curly willow in a dome of steady humming bumblebees and chirping birds. There runs a little stream where Toren laughs at the frogs that quickly escape his reach. Nothing quite compares to the love of observing a child's first spring "on foot" and bearing witness to this beautiful sensory adventure!

There has been a lot of "hurry-up and wait" but finally our sweet chicks are here! Garrett has built the brooder and Chicken Tractor for our first pasture flock out of lumber he milled here on the farm! Please remember to let us know of your interest in reserving birds. We are also open to discuss pick up's or "weekly drops" to neighboring towns for those who may not have the freezer space but would like a regular weekly/monthly supply. Just email us and let us know what will work for you!

Additional big news, we have decided that it would be best for the farm to take a breath and pause the dairy operation this year. Garrett and I are "yes people" by nature, though we are learning it's not always in everyone's best interest. As we continue to try to diversify the farm and learn to weave ourselves into this dynamic farming quilt, Heidi and the girls are gracefully creating that space for us to get our sea legs. New calves are being born as I write this and it is truly magical to observe the Jersey mama's having a season to be with their babies.

Lastly, we pushed our first Co-op Meet Up up to June 13th, the second Sunday in June! We have flexible plans for our event, though we invite you to come with friends, family, and dogs on leashes to enjoy a morning on the farm. We will begin shortly after 9am to try to beat some of the days heat. We will have brief walking tours, talks, and time to meet and catch up with one another. Refreshments will be available, but we invite you to bring a blanket and picnic! There will be fresh produce from the garden and an assortment of beef cuts will be available for purchase as well. Mark your calendars, more info will be sent closer to the date!

Thank you for reading along! We hope to see you in June!

Love and Light,

Isabelle, Garrett, and Toren


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