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Introducing the Rucker Farm Co-op

Dear valued shareholder of Rucker Farm:

We hope this letter finds you and welcomes an open heart and mind to some exciting transitions for Rucker Farm! My name is Isabelle Heydt and I am the daughter of Heidi and Lindsay Eastham.

This past year, my husband Garrett and I, along with our son Toren, moved to the family farm with the hope to establish community, live sustainably, and nourish our bodies. With the blessing and mentorship of Heidi, come the new year, we will join forces with the well-loved Livestock Share Program and the continued effort towards diversifying Rucker Farm.

On Rucker Farm, you are a member-- not a customer. You have chosen to have a relationship with your food and a greater connection to the whole. During this time more than ever, community is immunity and community must evolve and adapt.

By introducing a cooperative to the farm, it is Garrett’s and my intention to extend our family kitchen and invite you to learn alongside us on how to bring clean, affordable, and nutrient dense food into our lives. The “Food and Learning Co-op” is an opportunity to barder, share, and learn from one another in a meaningful and personal way. It is our hope to bring you products that have become staples in our home: fermented foods, organ meats, broths, seasonal vegetables... We have begun the preliminary stages of bringing pastured raised poultry and pork to the farm as well.

I’ll leave you to digest this new information, though in the meantime, we invite you to share with us your community needs or desires. What would benefit your family kitchen-- or better yet, what could you bring to the table? We are malleable and looking forward to seeing how this unfolds. It is our hope to connect with each of you individually in the new year, though do not hesitate to email us at or call us at (540) 671-0561.


Isabelle Heydt


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