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July Newsletter!

Hello all and a welcome to those who are new here! We have been slow to send out a newsletter this season, though that does not reflect the pace of things on Rucker Farm these days.

Garrett and I have been able to average a 6-8 week chicken processing schedule. We continue to have friends and new members of the community come out to participate and we are so thankful! For the time being, we are seeing these processing weekends naturally take the place of our more formal "2nd sunday co-op meet-ups". We apologize to those who have been holding out for tours and talks, though we predict we will find our rhythm once cooler weather commences. In September, Rucker Farm will be participating in the 2022 Rappahanock Farm Tour! This is a free, 2-day self-guided tour of over 15 farms in the county. Stay tuned for more information here!

We are excited to share that our chicken market is expanding locally! We are biweekly vendors at the Warrenton Farmers Market and Rappahannock Farmers Market and our Rucker birds and parts can be found regularly at the following locations: Flint Hill Latin Market, Adams Custom Slaughter Store, Kinloch Farm Store, and in August, we will be in the FT Valley Farm Store. Of course, we continue to offer our online store where customers can place orders for any day pick-up or scheduled delivery.

The Rucker Garden has evolved into a beautiful community space. We invited three families to join the acre plot back in March. Having a toddler son, it has been a gift to see him play and learn from other children in this capacity. Yes, this was largely about learning how to grow our own food with a child at our feet, though it has developed into so much more, something primal and important and I am excited to see how this grows.

Garrett has begun a pasture-raised meat rabbit operation, in addition to a 40 egg-laying hen mobile coop, both eggs and rabbit meat will be available this Fall! Other big news for the Fall, Toren will become a big brother! As you can predict, we are in the thick of it while loving it!

Lastly, our sister property, Ben Venue Farm, is now selling Waygu/ Angus Beef and is available to purchase through our site! Please note that quarters, halves, and wholes are available for purchase as well. We are more than happy to discuss pricing and details with you.

Thank you all for following along and adpating with us! We are humbled by the love and support of this community and together believe we are truly making something special.

Love and light!

Isabelle, Garrett, and Toren


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