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Since we last talked...

Finally catching a moment to write to this wonderful community of friends and family! Since we last talked, we have been doing some pretty exciting things over here! Many of you have been helping us draft our chicken subscription and bundle packages for the 2023 year, we feel it's ready to share! Click the button and tell us what you think!

We are expecting our first batch of chicks March 1st. This will allow us to stagger batches for 1 to 2 processing weekends each month from April to November. We have begun a "Farm-to School" pilot program hoping to connect with a few local schools and upperclassmen students and provide them the opportunity to harvest chicken while learning about conscientiously raised food and regenerative farming. If you are a parent to a teenager and would like to get them involved individually, we would be thrilled to discuss more. It is our belief we have to get younger generations experiential, boots on the ground, learning opportunities if we want farms and real food to be protected.

Also happening in March, our sheep will begin lambing. We predict we will have 100% grass-fed lamb for sale by late Fall. It is our hope to sell our customers whole animal bulk amounts. To be clear, this is the direction we would like to go across the board. As much as we love and value going to our farmers markets (it's where we met most of you), we want to encourage this community to invest in bulk purchasing as much as possible. This method allows ample benefits for both farmer and customer: financially, sustainably, ethically, logistically, and then there's food security. We recently revamped our Bulk Beef page and have a few Shares remaining and ready for pick-up by late February. We do have beef available for general retail and can be online ordered and picked up at the farm!

Since we last talked, Garrett has been building a lot! We have raised a small barn outside our home with the help from his dad, a couple of generous neighbors, and a local, young man named Benji who has been a great addition and a helping hand here on the farm. Additionally, Garrett has built two more chicken tractors and a new brooder all out of lumber he has sawmilled largely with his good friend Kurt! So yes, very busy, but with excellent company!

I have been soaking up newborn snuggles and toddler troubles! It's been an adjustment for us all. Though we can't get over this sweet little girl! Sigrid has been an absolute dream! She was even able to participate in her first processing weekend in November with minimum fuss. I have been getting Toren involved with a lot of other homeschool families in the area. It's been a wonderful way to be around other mothers during this postpartum time. I have a lot of hope when I see this growing community of parents raising their children so integrated in their lives and with so much intention.

Looking forward to getting back in to the garden. Pigs will be coming in the next few weeks! We have a lot to be thankful for, as always, your support is paramount! Thank you! We love you all!


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