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Spring is coming!

Farm update!

It’s wet.

If having a toddler reminds us of anything from our outdoor educator days, it’s that there is no such thing as bad weather...just bad gear. We wake up and Toren (16 months) immediately starts for the front door to grab his yellow rain boots to go outside. We are thankful for a “real” winter, one that resembled our childhoods. Though we (mostly me) are feeling cooped up, crotchety, less patient, and are eagerly waving in the longer days!

In February, Garrett made the trip up to New Hampshire to get the portable saw mill! It was quite the adventure getting it back to the farm! He has been collecting and milling logs and on the side has been able to equip me with some beautiful hardwood sections for mushroom totems! This winter we have inoculated several varieties with organic sawdust spawn from Sharondale Mushroom Farm: yellow, blue and pearl oyster, shiitake, lions mane, poippino, enoki, and some red caps!

It is our hope that we will have some totems fruit in the fall and we can share them in the co-op! If you would like to learn more about growing your own mushrooms or would like to get fresh cut hardwood for your own totems, let us know!

We have begun spreading the news about the arrival of our Broiler Birds and our excited about the response we are receiving!

A lot of my free time consists of wheelbarrowing cow manure from the pastures and adding it to our gardens compost. The young cows like to use the handles of the wheelbarrow as a head scratch -inadvertently knocking their poop over- and overall seem very curious in what I am doing.

Lastly, the Jersey girls bellies are growing bigger and bigger and we are ready to get into the creamery for that deep spring clean! Heidi managed 8 dairy shares for 2020 and those families will have priority for this season, though we are opening it up for a few more members so please email us if you're interested in signing up!

Thanks again for reading along, now, go play in the mud!


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