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Spring?! Is that you...?

Hi Rucker Farm family!

We are excited to welcome several new subscribers to our website! These letters are our way of sharing Rucker updates, new products, special events, and farming ideas we are working through and we want to include you!

First off, here is a reminder of our final Winter Walk this upcoming Sunday, March 12th at 10am. It will also be daylight savings, so please remember to show up at the correct time... which will feel like 9am.

Farmers get a bad reputation when it comes to daylight savings. In fact, farmers in the early 1900's were very much opposed to the concept of daylight savings because it interrupted their farming schedules and disturbed their livestock. In addition, hired farm help would then work based off the clock rather than off the sunlight which would have resulted in more work done. Daylight savings was developed in Germany in World War I as a way to conserve energy and encourage families to not use as much coal. The idea was that if people were given an extra hour in the spring and summer, they would use less coal to light, cool, or heat their homes. So let's stop blaming the farmers for this one!

For those who have ordered bulk beef, your order will be ready at the earliest by the end of this week, our second steer will be ready the following! This is a gentle reminder to clean out your deep freezers and juggle around those ice trays and mystery meat packages if your freezers look anything like our personal one! If you missed this round, please know you can be placed on our waitlist for upcoming beef shares for late summer and early fall, simply email us and let us know!

We are at capacity for our custom chicken subscriptions for this spring! We will notify you when we start accepting folks for the fall subscription, spanning from September to December 2023. In the meantime, separate from subscriptions, Garrett and I have scratched our bundle idea and simplified it into two meat box options. You can order a $50 box and $100 box of poultry. This allows us to easily provide customers with a variety of meat buying options and are made for those who want a sampling of products without the guesswork.

Farmers markets start up late April! We have beef and pork available for retail and poultry available in the beginning of May. Look for us at Warrenton, Marshall, and Rappahannock markets and remember you can pick up orders from the farm!

Here are some special photos our dear friend Hannah Hazel snapped of us this past weekend!

It was finally time to capture us as a family of four!

Hope you all continue to enjoy this warmer false spring and happy daylight savings!

Talk soon!

The Heydts


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