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We've got Piggins!

"Piggins" is what Toren used to call pigs when he first started learning the names of farm animals. It has become a staple vocab word in our family. We now have 5 young piggins of mixed heritage

breeds which will serve a dual purpose for meat and land management. Pigs are notorious for having an impact on their environment. Many folks are familiar with the term "pigsty" as being a dirty, stinky, messy place. On Rucker, if we can smell our pigs-- they needed to be moved a day ago. We do not believe in ringing their noses, we encourage them to root, dig, and stomp the soil. It is our responsibility to observe the level of disturbance and move them accordingly. Pigs across the world have been used for their "tilling" and ability to move earth. Within the regenerative lense, we do not want them to deep till, though it is through rotating and moving the pigs, we are able to follow behind the loosened soil, expose the dormant seed banks that can now compete with invasives, and manually seed several varieties of native cover crop. No equipment necessary!

We have pork available for purchase through our online store! Hog shares will be available for September-October, click this link for more information on additional Bulk Meat Share options and how to secure your deposit!

We are quickly approaching our first chicken harvest! Our second batch of birds went to pasture yesterday, and our third batch comes next week. Everything is moving full steam ahead! We are incredibly fortunate to share that our friend Levi Taylor Magyar has agreed to work with us this year and document what a full market season looks like on Rucker Farm. He will be sharing small bits throughout the season like this below, though stay tuned for the full video feature at the end of the year! We are so grateful for Levi's time, talent, and support in sharing our story and mission!

Hope you all have a beautiful Easter weekend!


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