Pastured Poultry

Our poultry is raised on fresh pasture daily and is supplemented with non-GMO, non-medicated feed from Sunrise Farms, Stuart Drafts, VA.There are no antibiotics, hormones, or any inhumane interventions. Just high quality feed, bugs, fresh water and sunshine!

In Stock:
Whole Chicken - 3-6.5 lbs
Breasts -  (2) per pack
Tenders - (6 or 12) per pack
Leg Quarters - (2-Pack)
Thighs - (6) per pack
Drumsticks - (6) per pack
Wings -(6 or 12) per pack
Legs -  (2) per pack
Necks - (5-10) per pack
Feet - (4-5) per pack
Hearts -1lb packs
Livers -1lb packs