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Heydt Family

Isabelle and Garrett moved to Rucker Farm, Isabelle's childhood home,  in August 2020. They now have two children, Toren (3) and Sigrid (> 1). The two met in Seneca Rocks, West Virginia and both share a love for nature and simple living. They built a home on the ridge and found a community of farmers, midwives, and naturalists. With the decision to move back to the family farm, they knew that communities like theirs were hard to come by and that they would need to be intentional about connecting to local families to make this move work! The Rucker Farm Food and Learning Cooperative is just that! Their dream is to create an inclusive and wholesome common ground for all things: Food, Farming, and Family! Additionally, they are very passionate about the work of Weston A. Price and ancestral living and nutrition. 


Raised and home schooled on Rucker Farm. Holds a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Hiked the Appalachian Trail and Vermont's Long Trail. Passionate about outdoor education, ancestral living, and growing robust food and children.  Collaborating with her husband Garrett on creating community around extending the family farm and educating children about food and the future of farming. 

Grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. Studied outdoor recreation at Garrett College. Was a rock climbing instructor at Seneca Rocks, West Virginia. Lived a transient life cross-country in a van. Settled down and submerged himself in homesteading skills, processing and preserving his own food. A "jack of all trades", Garrett can be found milling lumber, working cattle, driving his son Toren on the tractor. 

Co-op Friends & Farmers


Rainbow Trout

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Our friends Shane and Jessica down in Swoope, VA supply our Rainbow Trout. Sustainably raised, non-GMO. These trout are DELICIOUS and we respect the measures they have taken to not grain finish their fish. Check them out directly or you can order from us! 

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Goat Milk Soap

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Kelsey is a childhood friend of Isabelle's and grew up with her grandparents living right next to Rucker Farm. Kelsey owns a small business called "Maid a Milking" and makes beautiful goats milk soaps and candles. She and her husband Scott are young farmers in the county and we love to support the great work they are doing! Find her soap on her etsy or at our store front!  

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