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Our guiding questions

  • What is a communal need? 

  • What do you know how to do?







We are providing food that is an extension of our family kitchen. As a young family and young farmers, we are just beginning the journey towards creating nutrient dense, affordable, and sustainable food for ourselves and our community. Food is medicine and we believe that everything we consume can either help us or hurt us.

We are humbled daily by how much we have to learn. That is why we are eager to establish roots, build community, story tell, and learn from one another. It is our goal to create a cooperative of individuals from vast educational backgrounds and skill sets. We have a unique opportunity to create a common ground and shared space where we invite you to be a member to learn and teach!

Everything circles back to the family. Now more than ever, it is important for our children to be given the means to grow into confident and competent stewards of the land. This is our responsibility and greatest duty. We are dedicated to feeding our children the most nutrient dense food and provide wholesome experiential learning opportunities.


Break Bread and Barter

If you are interested in becoming a co-op member, it's easy. We are creating a space where we can come together on the farm for monthly meetings. Join us for a field picnic or walk to the Jordan river, bring the dogs and the feral children! The goal of this group is to collaborate with like minded individuals, break bread and barter! Enjoy some perks and exclusive farm produce! 

Every 2nd Sunday of the month from January-November

9:15 am Farm Tour

10:00 am Special Farm Presentation (unique topic each month)

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