Flint Hill, Virginia

Food and Learning Cooperative

What better exemplifies a cooperative than the traditional family farm? This mutual and interdependent relationship has stood the test of time and serves as an invaluable teacher. At its core, the family farm is here to nourish our bodies, provide for our families, and restore our energy. Consumption and compassion must be balanced on every level. It takes a community to get this right! Join us!

Welcome to Rucker Farm
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A Mindful Way to Farm

We’re dedicated to protecting the land for future generations. Our mission is that through regenerative agriculture, holistic healing, and a greater connection to nature, we can create an experience that enriches our lives and serves a greater communal need.

Rucker Farm is Isabelle's childhood home. From the days of asparagus and blackberry picking, to calling the goats in for evening milking, this land continues to be a creative and nurturing space we are thrilled to share!

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors;

We borrow it from our children.

- Native Proverb

Rucker Farm would like to acknowledge the indigenous culture of the Manahoac tribes of this Virginia Piedmont region.


"My goodness, this golden collagen filled broth was beyond my expectations. The flavor was clean and rich, and now I cannot make my soup without their chicken. I know that my family is receiving a bounty of nutrients when I use Rucker Farm chicken as they are provided the most ethical and abundant life in the pasture."

Hannah T. 

"It's nearly impossible to know where your food comes from anymore - unless you know about Rucker Farm. A brief visit assures you that every animal is well cared for and the garden is nurtured. In turn, your family is getting the best possible product and knows the source by name."

Margy & Will T. 

"I just cooked a whole bird for my family and it was AWESOME! Thank you for taking the time and effort to provide such quality."

Andrew F.

"Rucker Farm holds a special place in the hearts of my family. From the first co-op meet up to the most recent Winter Walk, we have been welcomed with open arms. The community they are building is beautiful and I encourage everyone to join in! Garrett and Isabelle care deeply for their farm and it shows in everything they do. They put their hearts into raising quality meats and you bet you can taste the difference. Their chicken is a regular item on our home menu and it never disappoints!"

Brittany T.

"Don't be a sucker, get your chicken at Rucker!"

Kelsey P.

"We love being able to participate in the Rucker Farm Coop. As parents, we want to teach our children appreciation for the work that goes into their food and encourage a connection to the food that they eat. We love cooking with Rucker chicken because not only is it delicious, but because we know where it comes from and how they were raised! Thanks to Rucker Farm, our girls only want to eat meat if they "know where it comes from"and we are lucky to know our local farmer."

Alex R. 

"I never knew what chicken really tasted like until I had Rucker Farm chicken. It's amazing how chickens raised with such care and intention taste so fresh and delicious. Over the past few years, my partner and I have become more aware and thoughtful of the food we eat and we feel fortunate to have found the co-op. Isabelle and Garrett not only provide us with food we trust, but they are building community we are grateful to be a part of."

Liz C.