Flint Hill, Virginia

Food and Learning Cooperative

What better exemplifies a cooperative than the traditional family farm? This mutual and interdependent relationship has stood the test of time and serves as an invaluable teacher. At its core, the family farm is here to nourish our bodies, provide for our families, and restore our energy. Consumption and compassion must be balanced on every level. It takes a community to get this right! Join us!



A Mindful Way to Farm

We’re dedicated to protecting the land for future generations. Our mission is that through regenerative agriculture, holistic healing, and a greater connection to nature, we can create an experience that enriches our lives and serves a greater communal need.

Rucker Farm is Isabelle's childhood home. From the days of asparagus and blackberry picking, to calling the goats in for evening milking, this land continues to be a creative and nurturing space we are thrilled to share!

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors;

We borrow it from our children.

- Native Proverb

Rucker Farm would like to acknowledge the indigenous culture of the Manahoac tribes of this Virginia Piedmont region.


Farm Store Hours

Tuesday 4-6

Sunday 10-2